Professional Resume Layout

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professional resume layout

Some Ideas about a Professional Resume Layout

The professional resume layout is all about creating to resume in order enhance the visual impact. The resume reflects your professional personality. Choosing a professional resume layout will help organize the information so the resume won’t look cluttered. Also, it will help you to highlights the parts that you want the reader to see first.

The page margins should be of 1/2 to 1 inch on all sides. The font size should be somewhere between 10 and 12, but you could write the name in a bigger font. The reason you want to write the name bigger than the rest of the content, is to make sure that it stands out.  Keep the same size font through your resume, the headings should have the same dimensions, and the rest should be smaller. You should use a font that is easy on the eye like Times New Roman, Verdana, Arial, Palatino, and Geneva Font. Always chose black ink on white paper, it shows professionalism. The resume should be written on A4 paper, and ideally should not exceed two pages.

In order to edit the resumes, the most common way is with the help of Microsoft Word. They even have on their Website professional resume layouts and formats, free for download. It is recommended not to use complex formatting of the document, special fonts, images and graphics. They might cause problems when the recruiter tries to open the document. Also, graphics and images are not recommended because they distract the reader.  If you sent the resume online, you should name the document with your name and not with C.V. or resume. Most of the time, the resumes are downloaded in the same folder, so you need to be different. One important aspect, do not send the document in formats that require special programs. It is better to use Word and to save it .doc. or save it in a .pdf format.

The resume should represent you in the best possible light, in a very concise and very well structured. The paragraphs should be short and very clearly delimited; you could use bullets to do this. Regardless what professional resume layout you chose, try being consistent through the entire resume. For example, if you used round bullets in some place, you should not use some other type of bullets for the rest of the resume.

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